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125 Venom Grizzly

125 Venom Grizzly


The Venom Grizzly 125cc ATV is a perfect fit for the outdoorsman looking for versatility in an economical ATV


- Our most popular and best kids ATV

- ATV is suitable for all ages, from young riders starting to learn how to ride, to the full grown adults teaching their kids how to operate an All-Terrain Vehicle.

- Equipped with a speed governor that can be limited as low as 5km/h and increased as the rider gets older and more comfortable

- Fully automatic

- Equipped with both front and rear cargo racks, has the capacity to handle 50 pounds of goods

- To make the ride more comfortable, we have installed essential gears with preloaded adjustable shocks

- A powerful remote kill switch

- Equipped with Reverse

- Rear hydraulic disk brakes with dependable stopping power


For more information, please call or text 306.731.3279

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