2021 Venom Racing Madix 125cc ATV

2021 Venom Racing Madix 125cc ATV


2021 Venom Racing Madix 125cc ATV


Great Price, Great Performance, even more fun!


- A performance ATV intended for speed and aggressive riding.

- The Venom Madix Racing ATV is meant for enthusiast that like speed and performance over utility, even though the ATV is equipped with a fully automatic transmission.

- Upgraded front and rear performance shocks allow for better handling and a softer & more comfortable ride.

- Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes to ensure ultimate braking power.

- The upgraded performance air filter and exhaust allow for faster pickup and more top end speed.

- Keeping the rider and guardian’s safety concern into consideration, there is a powerful remote kill switch and speed governor, ensuring a safe and secure journey.

- The ATV is also equipped with Reverse!

- The Venom Racing Madix 125cc ATV has upgraded painted wheels to match the colour of the ATV, upgraded matching hand grips, metal gas tank and custom tank vent to complete the look of this performance beauty!

- The Venom Racing Madix 125cc ATV is powder-coated all over the frame to prevent from rusting easily!

- Installed remote kill switch + speed governor for every parent's safety requirements.

- Also comes fully equipped with a fully working horn, low-beam and high-beam headlights.

- Yes, this is the aggressive sporty teen/adult ATV you have been waiting for

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