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2024 Sea doo TRIXX 3UP

2024 Sea doo TRIXX 3UP


CALL OR TEXT 306-731-3279 


Includes 2 year warranty and a tarp  


Iconic Design Evolution


Spark Trixx

Jaw-dropping fun

Smooth new design enhances the overall experience with improved comfort, easier boarding and exciting new ways to enjoy the adventure. Fresh features include 4.5-in. display and LinQ Lite attachment points for new accessories like POV camera mounts so you can capture all the craziness.


New Trixx Mode


Open a new bag of tricks

Intelligent brake and reverse

New Trixx Mode unlocks new water acrobatics like reverse donuts and nosedives to add even more show-stopping fun to the ride. A revised iBR system improves stopping power for more control and maneuverability.


Extended Range VTS


Better tricks, at your command

Extended Range VTS

Sea-Doo exclusive extended range Variable Trim System lets you exaggerate how high you can raise the nose or how planted you stay on the water. Which means pulling off tricks has never been so easy, or fun.


Integrated Footwell Wedges


Take a stand

Redesigned for a solid base

New footwell wedges are better integrated into the deck to provide more stability and confidence when transitioning to different stand-up riding positions. Makes it easy to pull off tricks like a pro.


Rotax® Engines


High-octane fun

Rotax® 900 ACE™ engine with Sport Mode

The Rotax® 900 ACE™ brings 90 HP of high-thrill excitement to the water. It also offers Sport Mode for ultra-responsive control and the top performance in its class.

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